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Maxwell Goldman

- Musician & Songwriter -

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Max Goldman Bass Guitar Player California

Max Goldman Music Los Angeles California Maxwell Goldman Musician LA California

Tours & Shows

Performances of National & International Event Tours and Shows

Maxwell has performed in many local venues around the U.S. and abroad as well as on oceanic cruise ships. Working with a variety of Venues, Artists, and Bands has been very inspirational, exciting, and insightful to the many people Max has the continued privilege of being involved with during his musical career. He has received high compliments from his peers and co-performers for excellence in performance participation and musical contributions.

Max would like to share his extensive touring and show events over the years that he has had the opportunity to fulfill and accomplish as his working resumé. You can also view some of his Musician Works to see and listen to his recent collection of works.

Performance listing of work history Coming Soon!

"Generating fierce acute groove oriented Low End emission,
alluring and pulverizing all that stand in it's path… Let's get low!"

- Maxwell Goldman, Musician & Songwriter -

(818) 720-6707

Max Goldman Music Los Angeles California

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